Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Only if we are interested.

I never imagined it would be so very difficult to find a name for my blog that isn't already taken.

All the names I had in mind are good as gone. I liked ON THE MOVE very much. Not available. 


I even tried BALLS OF STEEL, which is something every packing list cannot fail to include. There is eventually already a blog with this name. I  might investigate the its contents. Or maybe not.

This blog is born with all intentions of not turning into a whiny, philosophical blog about all the drawbacks and difficulties of life abroad. God knows the net is already sufficiently clogged by negativity.

But if I need to say something negative, its going to be about literary agents. These are the people who hold the keys to your success as a writer. They hare the filters between writers and publishers, the breakwaters of literary tides, and they exercise their power forcefully.

In order to become a literary agent, it seems that no specific qualifications are required, apart from some kind of experience in the publishing world and hopefully a degree in English.

They are the people you need to send your manuscript to for preemptive examination, but please, do not burden them with too much of your work, 3 chapters maximum, they are very busy, possibly the busiest on the planet. Do not call. Do not mail. AND you will hear back from them only if they are interested.

Now, with all due respect, who are YOU to refuse to dignify a potential client and enthusiastic blooming author with a reply that takes, what, 1 minute? Let's time a reply with a stopwatch. Ready? Go!

"Dear so and so, thank you for submitting your work to us, unfortunately at this moment we do not feel we are the right agency to represent you, kind regards and good luck."
32 seconds. In the era of electronic mail there is no excuse for a failed reply.

On top of that, literary agents require that their potential clients let them know if they have been contacted by another agent during the screening process. Excuse me? Shouldn't this rightful respect for each other's work go both ways? 

I will let them know if I have been contacted by another agent only if I am interested. Or if I feel like. Or in case I have 32 seconds of my precious time to waste on them. 
So there.

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